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PJ Pantelis

"A year ago I wanted to start playing guitar and in my search for tutorials I came across GZ2H and my first thought was "This is Amazing." Dave's method of teaching was what really set him apart from the other guitar teachers!"

Andrea G.

"When I discovered Dave Tran's Guitar Youtube Channel I thought it was the best one. When I heard about his course I didn't think twice because I knew it was going to be the best. I'm learning a lot of things, that I wouldn't have learnt on my own. There aren't enough words to describe this course, Dave thanks for all your effort!!!"

Paul R.

"Dave's approach to teaching was the first time learning guitar actually made sense to me. Thanks to the huge nuggets of gold in this guitar course, guitar doesn't seem so hard anymore. I've now even been able to start writing songs and contributing guitar riffs and ideas to the band I'm singing for!"

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